ABS embrace quality standards as an integral part of the customer experience. We strive to ensure that all our customers receive zero defects regardless of complexity of components.

Within our on site climate controlled inspection facility, the quality team interrogate dimensional and geometric design requirements using the latest technologies offering precision reporting with tolerances of +/- 3 microns.

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At ABS Precision Ltd, we are dedicated and committed to achieving a reputation as a world class manufacturer of precision engineered components and to become the most trusted and preferred supplier of choice to our customers. We recognise that the principal element in achieving and maintaining that position is quality – quality people, quality product, quality performance and quality service to exceed the requirements of the customer.
We recognise that a sophisticated, complex, progressive and technical enterprise such as ours demands a correspondingly and comprehensive quality system to assure our customers that their requirements will be fully met, in every aspect, and minimise risk to business in every respect.
We are totally committed to the continual improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) in order to meet and surpass customer requirements. In order to achieve this, a cost effective, quality management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and assures conformity to customer and legal requirements has been established.
The QMS manual both details and documents the quality system and is the mandate for the implementation and application of the quality system. The manual and this policy are available to any interested parties and we encourage any contributions that will benefit improved performance. The Managing Director takes accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS and ensures the resources needed are available and that quality objectives are set.
It is our declared policy that all employees shall have a full commitment to quality and that work is produced to the highest standard of quality to enhance customer satisfaction. The workforce is engaged with, supported and directed in their contribution in meeting the QMS requirements, the implications of not conforming to them and the achievement of the quality objectives.
ABS’ quality objectives for this year have been established to align with our purpose and strategic direction. By monitoring, measurement and analysis of the following objectives we can address risks and opportunities to achieve our goals.


As an environmentally conscious organisation, ABS Precision Limited has a responsibility to take proper care of the environment on behalf of our neighbours, customers, staff and the communities in which we operate. Caring for the environment is an essential part of the way we run our business and we actively strive to reduce our environmental impact.
While maintaining our legal compliance requirements, we have also taken positive steps towards improving our environmental performance and reducing our carbon footprint. We have an ongoing commitment to the environment and to improving our business processes to protect it. We are committed to manage responsibly the way in which our activities affect the environment by:
Optimising the use of energy Ensuring efficient use of materials Encouraging re-use and recycling Incorporating the principle of sustainable productivity
By integrating environmental considerations into our everyday activities, the environment will be managed alongside other business considerations such as safety, quality and value. To measure our performance, we will set objectives and targets for those activities that significantly affect the environment. Our progress will be monitored with continual reviews to the targets and against this policy.
Clearly, the process of continual environmental improvement depends on the involvement of our staff and business partners to progress environmental initiatives. All employees have responsibilities for implementation by participating and contributing to its success through its actions and suggestions. Everyone has a valuable role to play as we continue to demonstrate that good environmental practice is also good business practice.